West Plains Public Library

Gift Policy

Due to the size, nature, and staffing of the West Plains Public Library, the library should not, and cannot act as a museum or research facility.  The library does accept gifts of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the library collection when and if needed; and if not needed will be added to the Friends of the Library sale.


West Plains Public Library Board of Trustees shall have the right to accept or refuse all donations to the library.  The library director will accept books, periodicals, videos, audio cassettes, etc.  The Library Board of Trustees will evaluate more special or unusual items (furnishings, paintings and personal collections.)


            Donated materials as well as any boxes used for delivery to the library must be clean and bug free.  Boxed materials should be brought to the staff entrance on Pennsylvania Street.

            Materials received will become the property of the West Plains Public Library and City of West Plains.

            All books and materials are accepted with the understanding that the library reserves the right to make such disposition as is fitting of duplicates and titles not needed by the library.  CURRENT fiction, non-fiction, reference and children’s books as well as audio tapes, video tapes and periodicals are highly desirable; dated materials will be sold.

         It is the policy of the library NOT to accept special collections on the condition that they be kept together as a separate physical entity.  Material will be accepted only with the understanding that it may be integrated into the general collection.  The library reserves the right to decide the conditions of display, housing and access to the materials.

            When the library receives a cash gift for the purchase of materials, selection will be based primarily on the needs of the library.

            Gifts of money, real property, and/or stock will be accepted only with the approval of the Library Board of Trustees.  Outright grants or incomes from bequests to the library are received and administered by the Board of Trustees, according to the wishes of the donor and the needs of the library.

            Donors wishing a receipt for donated items are to prepare their own lists.  No estimate of value or record of items will be furnished by the library.  A donor of a rare item or one of unusual value should employ an appraiser for tax purposes.

            When gift materials are deemed no longer useful, the library will dispose of them on the same basis it disposes of other materials.

If any unforseen circumstances arise that are not covered in this policy, the director has the authority from the Board of Trustees to handle the matter in the best interest of the West Plains Public Library until it can be addressed by the Board of Trustees and the policy officially amended.

Policy adopted February 17, 1999 by the West Plains Public Library Board of Trustees.  Mike Newton, President.

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