West Plains Public Library

Citizens Request for Reconsideration

The suitability of particular books or other materials for the library collection may occasionally be questioned by individuals or groups. All such criticism should be presented in writing to the Library Director on the "Review Request Form,” which is available upon request from the circulation desk. Challenges may only be filed by carrying library card members of the West Plains Public library and reside within our legal service area.


Only one item may be challenged per form.


The completed form and a copy of the material in question will be considered for review and evaluation. The review of questioned materials will be treated objectively and as an important matter. General acceptance of the material will be checked by consulting authoritative lists and critical reviews in light of the library selection policy. Passages will not be taken out of context and the material will be evaluated in its entirety.


Only parents or guardians may file a complaint that specifically challenges children, young adult and juvenile materials.


A committee consisting of three to five appropriate staff members will report its evaluation and any recommended action to the Library Director. Within 30 days after receipt of the reconsideration request, the Library Director will inform the complainant of the results of the committee's evaluation and any action which will be taken by the library. In the event of an appeal of the decision of the Library Director by the complainant, the Library Board will serve as the final arbiter.


When publishing results, all patron identifying information is redacted. RSMO 182.817


*Amended by the West Plains Board of Trustees July 10, 2023. President Jarryd Alsup.

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