West Plains Public Library

Community Room

Meetings must be open to the public. Exception: A public governmental body may hold a closed session pursuant to the provisions of RSMo 610. Room use is limited to library branch operating hours unless prior approval is obtained. The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations for meeting rooms. The library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials. Library events shall receive priority in the scheduling of meeting rooms. The library reserves the right to relocate a group to a different meeting room.

Permission to use Library meeting rooms does not constitute or imply endorsement or sponsorship by the Library District, and meeting room users are expected to fully comply with all applicable provisions of law. The Library District does not assume liability for injuries to individuals or damages to personal property that occur as a result of actions of the sponsors or participants in activities in its meeting rooms. Due to the public nature of meeting rooms, booking requests shall be treated as public documents.

All meetings held in meeting rooms will be asked to provide an age recommendation for as required by 15 CSR 30-200.015. Any signage created to advertise such meetings must also post age recommendations.

The public may challenge an event being held at the library using the appropriate challenge form.


The library will not reserve its meeting room for:

      I.)  Events promoting specific political candidates

  1. II) Non-library groups selling or promoting items or service

      III) Activities likely to disturb regular library functions                    

  1. IV) Religious services
  2. V) Non-library related groups planning purely social functions


  1. Groups may not reserve the meeting room more than twice a month and are limited to no more than 12 times per year.
  2. Anyone reserving the meeting room must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Library-sponsored events for the purpose of raising funds for the library will be permitted. Other organizations may collect pass-through costs to cover only the expenses of materials speakers, etc.
  4. Tobacco products and alcohol use are prohibited on library premises.
  5. Tacking, nailing or pinning objects to any surface in the building is prohibited. Decorations may not be hung from ceiling. Use of sand, water, tape, candles or potentially destructive objects in the meeting room will not be permitted.
  6. Liquids with red or purple food coloring may not be used in the meeting room. Spillage will cause permanent stain on the carpet. If the carpet or furnishings are soiled during use of the library facilities, the organization must pay the cost of cleaning. Groups will be held responsible for any damage to or theft of, library properties.
  7. Organizations or groups desiring to use library equipment in the meeting rooms must request permission for use when applying for the meeting room. Any group using such equipment shall assume full responsibility for any damage to equipment while it is in their possession.
  8. The library reserves the right to refuse future bookings to groups that consistently fail to appear at their scheduled time and meeting dates. Cancellation of meeting date must be done 24 hours in advance, during normal library hours.
  9. Library personnel will not accept telephone calls for persons in the meeting room. In case of emergency, messages will be delivered to the meeting room.
  10. The library cannot provide personnel to assist in the preparation for, or presentation of any program.

12 The kitchen is available for food presentation (not preparation) only and must be left clean. 

*Amended by the West Plains Public Library Board of Trustees July 10, 2023. President Jarryd Alsup.


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