West Plains Public Library

Library Code of Conduct

General rules and code of conduct for the library

The West Plains Public Library shall make rules necessary to ensure that customer behavior does not infringe on the rights of others.  The West Plains Public Library Board of Trustees asks library users to comply with the following guidelines which include but may not be limited to:

  1. In respect of others using the library, please maintain a low noise level. Cell phone calls should be on vibrate only.  Any calls made must be taken in the hallways of the library.
  2. Portable audio devices (CD players, MP3 players, etc.) should be audible only to the owner. This will be strictly enforced.  Library staff will ask patrons to turn off these devices if they are audible to others.
  3. Smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products is prohibited inside the library.
  4. Food and drink are not allowed in the library. You will be asked to discard or leave these items in the cubbies on the south side of the building.
  5. Only service animals, used to assist persons with disabilities, are allowed in the library.
  6. Roller-skating, rollerblading, and skateboarding are not allowed in the library or on library property. Those in violation of this rule will be warned one time.  If blading/skating continues after the initial warning, law enforcement authorities will be contacted.
  7. Bicycles are not allowed in the library building and should be left in the bicycle racks provided on the north and south ends of the building.
  8. A parent or responsible adult should supervise chi9ldren under the age of 8 while the children are in the library. In the event that a child or children under the age of 8 have been left without adult supervision at the library for an extended period of time, the appropriate child protective agency will be contacted to ensure the children’s safety.
  9. Selling, soliciting, campaigning, or panhandling on library property is prohibited. The distribution of printed materials or posting notices not authorized by library administration is prohibited.
  10. Patrons engaged in conduct in violation of the laws of the city of West Plains or the state of Missouri will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  11. No patrons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are permitted on library property. If suspicion that drugs or alcohol are in use, law enforcement authorities will be called.
  12. For safety and hygiene reasons, all patrons must wear shirts and shoes, and be appropriately dressed for a public place.
  13. Patrons will be asked to leave who have neglected their bodily hygiene to the point where it is offensive to others in the library.
  14. Sleeping for extended periods of time in any area of the library is not allowed.
  15. Loud, profane, or threatening language and / or physical action or bodily harm is prohibited.
  16. Firearms, knives, or any other kind of weapon are not to be brought into the library or on library grounds.
  17. Patrons who do adhere to the above restrictions and behavioral guidelines may be asked to leave the library and / or have the patron’s library card suspended or revoked. Patrons who do not have a West Plains Public Library card are also expected to abide by the above rules and guidelines.  Any conduct or action not covered in the above Library Rules for Patrons but considered not in the best interest of the library, its staff, and its patrons, will be dealt with by library staff or law enforcement officials, as deemed necessary.

Library staff members are given the responsibility by the Board of Trustees to monitor patron behavior and require patrons to conduct themselves according to this policy.

Policy revised at the January 9,  2017 meeting of the West Plains Public Library Board of Trustees by Board President Autumn Shirley.

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