Library Foundation

History of West Plains Public Library Foundation


  • November 1989- City property tax passed 3:1 margin for the library, money from said tax would be used for library materials and upkeep. First tax by the people for the benefit of the Library in 41 yrs.
  • 1990-Previously passed tax started coming into the Library’s Budget and computers for the public were introduced!
  • 1991-Demand for access to the Library increases and a plan for a foundation was formed.
  • 1992-Anonymous donation of shares from Boatman’s Bank Stock helped funds for the Foundation.
  • 1993- The Library Foundation was established as a means to generate funds and donations without asking city residents for a tax increase.This was needed for a new Library, which would have more space and be ADA accessible.
  • Foundation meets every Wed. for next 5 yrs to campaign for major capital expansion.
  • The Library Foundation raised $800,000
  • Foundation members were on the lookout for land opportunities for a new building.
  • Land was traded between SMS (Now MSU-WP) and the City for the new site.
  •  1998-October 31st Staff began packing up Library materials to be moved to the new building.
  • 1998-November 21st Deadline was met for the Library to ready for the Book Brigade that would carry 104 books from the old library to the new. That evening Foundation Directors held the Annual Susan and George Pease Society Dinner.
  • 1998-November 22nd Dedication of the New Library Building held with first full day of operation held the 23rd.
  • The Foundation continues to raise funds each year for upgrades and maintenance.
PresidentGrayson Gordon
Vice PresidentAaron Evans
SecretaryDiane Cooke
TreasurerAngie Meyers
MemberSusie Warden
MemberBob Pekarek
MemberJeff R. Collins